...And Then It Happened

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Lifting regimen has begun again. Need to get back to my peak - and then surpass it.

I feel like people, women namely, lose interest in me so quickly. It’s been this way for a while. At first, I thought I needed to change. And I still do. But because I want to, for me. Fuck them. I’ll create my own happiness. Realizing my self worth and focusing on me: It’s time.


You know what’s funny its like 90% of you really wanted the blood-orange parody and so secretly did I so here you go. SNK: The Documentary will now be my life force so go ahead and just feed my brain. (Also, y’all don’t have to go anon when you suggest okay its not like I’ll judge you for your headcanons or anything. And sorry for the long post!)

Great mash up

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10/11 paralells: murder+genocide

Remember when genocide and killing were things that the Doctor frowned upon, and would only do with a heavy heart? Remember when the Doctor tried to talk the villains into doing the right thing? Remember when the doctor had morals?
£500 says that Moffat never watched The Doctor’s Daughter. Oh but wait, he did request that they re-write the ending for Jenny to come back to life, in order for him to do fuck all with the character. But in retrospect, that’s probably a good thing.

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